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Understanding the Beneficial Laughing Gas

Posted: 10/30/2019

Being afraid of anything that has to do with dentistry is common and understandable. However, at times, it can get more serious. So serious that people would rather avoid seeing the dentist because of the fear they feel. Instead, they choose to perform self-care which is not the best choice when it comes to dental health. Remember, despite the availability of over the counter dental products, they are not the best answer. It is always ideal to see the dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

laughing gas

However, how can this be possible if the patient is not too comfortable in seeing the dentist? Fortunately, we at Twin Lakes Dental Care have answers in the form of sedation dentistry options. One of the most preferred sedative people choose is laughing gas. Despite its beneficial effects, not everyone is familiar with the said sedation option. As a result, many people still prefer to avoid the dentist despite the advances in dental care. So, to make everyone understand the potential of laughing gas, get to know about it below!

What is laughing gas?

Laughing gas, medically known as nitrous oxide, is one of the most popular sedation methods in dentistry. The said gas is odorless, colorless, and safe to use. Once inhaled, the gas quickly enters the bloodstream of a person and takes effect; therefore, making it a highly ideal sedative.

How does it work?

Some of the sensations involved when inhaling laughing gas are analgesic, euphoric, and anti-anxiety. Aside from nitrous oxide, the sedative is administered with supplemental oxygen. It is to make sure that the blood that flows to the brain is properly oxygenated. Most of the gas is breathed out, and only a small fraction is being absorbed into a patient’s bloodstream.

Is it okay for kids?

Yes, laughing gas can be used to everyone at any age! With the help of the said sedative, children and adults can receive the oral health care they need and deserve without any worries.

What are things to expect?

For patients who opt for laughing gas treatment, they will be given a mask that fits over their nose. Once in place, they will be instructed to breathe normally while the dentist controls the flow of laughing gas to make sure that the patient will feel as comfortable as possible all throughout. As it takes effect, the patient is more likely to feel giddy. Patients don’t have to worry since the results of the sedative wear off quickly without any long-term effects.

Don’t let fear stop you from receiving the sufficient dental care and attention you deserve by considering laughing gas or other types of sedative we offer under our Sedation Dentistry service in Mt. Juliet, TN! Call or visit us to get started.